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Jeremy Griffin

Praise for oceanography

"Jeremy Griffin's Oceanography is a subtle, achingly graceful collection that somehow becomes a pillowy thunderclap of a reminder to look larger. To see and be aware of more. To be generous with each other at all times and, ultimately, at all costs. It's a fantastic book, and Jeremy Griffin's among the very best going."

-Weston Cutter, Brooklyn Rail

"Griffin hovers like a loving but non-interventionist angel over the lives of characters at their most fragile, as they find within themselves unknown reservoirs of strength. These profound stories are marked by wisdom about hope and loss of hope, about attempts at healing on the paths of wounding."



"Griffin masterfully weaves knowledge and philosophy into his stories...[His] stories ask us impactful questions and show us how people want to understand their scars.""

-Mid-American Review

"In ten stories, Griffin taps into a depth of compassion that seems boundless, a moral imagination which must weigh a thousand pounds. He doesn't shy away from discomfort, nor does he lean into answers of the easy variety. His prose is sharp when a cut is called for; taught when tightness is needed." 

-John Darcy, Midwest Book Review

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